About KOLs or Influencers

Who are KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) or influencers?

If you have more than 2500 fans on any social media such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a micro-KOL.

How can I get more fans? 

There are various ways to get more fans. To the end, you need to build value for your personal brand.

Can I make money from my fans?

YES! Use our Shopkol e-commerce platform to create personalized products and share with your fans. You can get 20% of sales.

What are the benefits for me?

The main benefits for you are:
1. Free listing of your personal brand products. Check out an example page at
2. Earn 20% of sales of your personal brand products. The system will send out your monthly sales reports automatically.
3. Use it as a marketing tool to attract more fans/followers.
4. No hassle for shipping and handling. All you need to do is posting your own brand products on your social channels.

How to join?

Please send the following to
1. A logo or picture that represents your brand. We can find a designer for you if you need one.
2. Pick the products (under the shop menu) that you are interested in for your personal brand products. Or you can tell us what your ideal products are and we will find them for you.
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